Saturday, 10 February 2007

"New Age"

New Age of what? More efficient genocide?

Seriously, does anyone who prances around saying they're taking up the faith of their ancestors have the faintest clue as to what primitive cultures tend to be like? Or do they really believe that somehow whatever traditional faith was held by the ancestors that predated the scourge Christianity was somehow better because it was closer to Nature? Primitive people were violent. If they weren't, they were wiped out by other primitive people.

Let me clue you in on something.

Until The City became the dominant place in which humans lived, and Nature became a holiday destination, Nature was utterly terrifying. Random, inexplicable sicknesses, snakes, famine, storms, earthquakes, plagues, big predators, and of course capricious demons and spirits everywhere to which this was all attributed.

You didn't worship Nature because Nature loved you and nurtured you, you worshipped it out of fear. You practised magic because despite all evidence pointing to its lack of efficacity, you needed to control Nature somehow.

So, magic. It's bullshit. It doesn't work. Ever. There, that's established. Let's move on. It might seem to work to some people, because most of the time, it seems like bad things aren't happening, so they keep doing it, just in case.

So along come The Christians, with a new, very powerful magic. Magic that said the Angry Sky God didn't really hate you, he just had some rebel spirits that you were guaranteed to be free from when you died if you accepted a whole bunch of entirely plausible (to you) stories written in this Holy Book from yonder miraculous city of light and magical "technology".

Anyway, they embrace it quite happily, and nothing really changes, because like their last religion, the magic doesn't actually work. So, everything's okay. So all the "faith" stuff becomes extremely ingrained and sincere, and a few of the remaining magical practices live on, incorporated into the new Christianised culture. Shock. Horror.

Anyway, just like before, a bunch of people are able to use this superstition to manipulate people to evil ends, just like before, only this time the numbers are bigger. Shock. Horror.

Well, civilisation moves on, and (the actually quite useful) rationalism takes hold, and all's relatively well aside from some good old cases of the old mass-manipulation-by-misinformation-and-exploitation-of-prejudice until that old irrational longing for control pops up. Enter the New Age.

Insecure? Gullible? Don't feel like the old Effecting-Change-Through-Personal-Discipline routine?


Make up a new religion with all the bits of other religions that strike you as being nice. Special points awarded with your middle class conscience if you pick bits of a religion held by people persecuted by the dreaded Christians! Native American stuff is extra special, ignore the nature-devastating, cannibalistic Anasazi and all that nasty scalping and hunting-the-Inuit stuff. Never mind that before the Christians seized power, they were persecuted by the same sweet, noble, natural pagans you like so much! If you have any problems with implementing this bastard theology, simply replace the problem parts with something nicer!


Also, The Mystical East: ask the Untouchables how they feel about this "karma" concept that you're using to justify your guilt-soaked vegetarianism. I bet you they'll ask for the meat.

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Anonymous said...

hehehe but I LIKE being a new age hippy ;)
well said ladyfingers