Saturday, 10 February 2007

Pedal Pushers / Capri Pants / Clam Diggers

There are many items of clothing that decrease your apparent IQ. Baseball caps, dungarees, $200 "casual" shoes...

Then there's these damned things.

What compelled women in their millions to put on a visual reference to a fussy, martini-sipping 50s suburban housewife? I know they're pretty much on the wane, but they should be as embarrassing by now as safari suits were in the 80s.

What makes them even worse is that they're invariably worn with those pointy, expensive little high-heeled shoes that make the wearer totter about like Peg Bundy, making that ridiculous slapping noise as the heels smack into the feet. And then there's the simultaneous resurgence of the cheesiest, trashiest accessory ever: the ankle bracelet (qv: Hyperfeminine Effulgence).

They call those sleeveless shirts "wifebeaters", I suggest they start calling these "broodbearers" or "payspenders".

Way to look like a dumb whore, ladies.

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