Saturday, 10 February 2007

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I don't like being lonely. I don't like lying in bed staring at the ceiling until 3AM unable to sleep. I don't like having no-one with whom to share enjoyment. The problem is that ending any of this will require me to engage in The Game.

The Game, from what I can make out, involves liking someone and pretending you don't until they give you their unspoken permission to admit that you do.

There are a few stages to this. First eye contact is made. Presumably then signals are given to the male as to whether or nor the eye contact is welcome. Once this is overcome, one must present one's conversational gambit. In it, you must present yourself as intelligent, non-threatening and confident, so that you may be appraised as worthy of further discourse.

I do, truly, genuinely, completely understand why these permissions must be obtained. Who wants a creep who won't go away? But why must everything be unspoken? Why does saying something out loud spoil it all? Why is all literal sexual interaction frowned upon? Why does admitting in any shape or form that you want sex prevent it from happening? Why is any guy who takes his time to figure out what you want relegated to "nice guy" status, a socio-sexual fate worse than death? Why do I always find out that someone liked me after I'd given up in frustration?

I know, I know... I may be an autistic who can't read your signals anyway, but even if I could, could you all stop being so fucking passive? Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

This is molasses from RT.

I've got a friend who keeps on trying to introduce me to the book "The Game" by Neil Strauss about how to fool the female psyche into thinking you're irresistible. He keeps on telling me how effective it is, though I never get a response when I ask "If I could so easily fool a woman into liking me, why would I want her?"

I don't play the game, not because I'm uncomfortable with the way it works, but merely that I'd never find the spoils of playing it that satisfying.

I've been with dumb girls that want the signals. Not worth it.