Saturday, 10 February 2007

"Self Help"

Let me explain this carefully. Unless you have experienced severe trauma, abuse, rape, mutilation, murder, sickness, have a genuine mental condition, or a disability or whatever, your pathetic affluent, suburban problems do not deserve sympathy.

This is how self-help works. If you take an interest in honestly understanding yourself, and make a genuine effort to improve your life, you will do both. It really does not require a guide-book, especially not one written by a man who claims to have actually had a conversation with God, but sells his drippy, platitudinous tome at full retail.

You know, wisdom is not automatically superior because it stems from an ancient and extinct culture, or exotically foreign author who uses Yodariffic archaic phrasing to put forward ideas that put forward ideologies that excuse every crime as adventures in the spirit of self-knowledge. Guilt and regret are frequently the correct thing to feel.

If you actually have friends, quit insulting them by paying to learn how to "love yourself".

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