Saturday, 10 February 2007


The vast bulk of female speech and thought is devoted to complaining. Complaining about weight, complaining about the tyranny of weight-consciousness, complaining about how your dreams were crushed by the demands of your uterus, complaining about how no-one takes you seriously, complaining about how your man always tries to provide help instead of sympathy, complaining how he never picks up on your "hints", complaining about how you're so abused by all the media YOU generate and consume.

Free tip: If you can't look at a skinny 14 year old fashion model without feeling the need to miss some meals or puke them up, try not reading the magazines in the first place. All they're doing is selling you stuff, you gullible, easily-manipulated little twits.

I hate your ability to feel shame about your own bodies, and then feel shame about feeling shame, and so on, until you've found something on which you can blame it, at which point you feel "pro-active" or "empowered".

I hate your tendency to emit excruciatingly high-pitched keening noises when gravitating toward each other in public in order to display something other than the contempt you so obviously feel towards your peer's new outfit/boyfriend/bodymass.

I hate your ability to generate a complex soap-opera background to any completely mundane conversation.

I hate your stupid, expensive footwear. The kind that consists of two tiny pieces of leather, wrecks your feet and costs four times more than something comfortable that lasts for more than one season.

I hate the way you justify abusing men's kindness because "pushovers deserve it".

I hate keeping up with the politics in your little "like bodies: like minds" "social" groups.

I hate this new belief that "girl power" is behaving like particularly boorish men.

Here's the real reason you'll be the victim all your life: because you're really good at playing it for all it's worth.


Anonymous said...

That's funny, because the vast bulk of this blog (which, don't get me wrong, I love) is devoted to complaining.

Ladyfingers said...

I will brook no rivals.