Saturday, 27 September 2008

The Middle

I don't believe in democracy.

It's not that I don't believe it works (although I don't entirely trust mob logic); I don't believe it exists. Disgruntled voters whose party lost always moan about the sad current state of affairs being a product of the stupidity of the average person. This theoretical everyman is strangely never them. What they fail to realise is that when both left and right pretend to balance the pretend seesaw, they only ever add more weight and the pivot sinks or the beam snaps.

Voting does nothing. Are we so gullible that we believe that the Hobson's choice we are offered at the polls is a representative product of our collective beliefs? The world is owned - yes: owned - by a tiny economic and political elite that answer to no-one but their shareholders. And not even them lately. Now they just pretend they have more money to keep their business afloat.

Let's pretend that the parties that we're presented are actually competing for our ballots to attain power instead of merely accruing it and moving it around. I know, I know! I could barely type that shaking from the hilarity. But humour me. Don't you find it amazing how each party "checks and balances" the other and we end up deeper in it every year? We have the left arguing for social freedom, the right arguing for economic freedom, and we get what, exactly? CCTV everywhere, spooks in the communications networks, regulations to prevent children learning about anything that might offend their parents, secret prisons dotting the globe and a neverending series of high-minded wars on nouns and hapless foreigners. This machine operates covertly and independently of party politics, and it's in nobody powerful's interest to dismantle it; they merely jostle for a turn at the controls.

Some people who are marginally aware of this believe that you can ultimately vote with your wallet. No, you can't. The free, organic local enterprise you love is based on and pays insurance, rent, rates and tax to the same Leviathan that doles out sweetheart deals, bailouts and subsidies to the faceless megacorporations we all love to hate. There is no escape. You are bought and sold like cattle. Resistance is not only futile, it's a depressing joke.

Between left and right is moderate?

Moderate what?

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Louw said...

Painfully correct.

Just proves the "sheeple" concept, and even though one might realise ones' own predicament what can you do but Rage against the Machine.

This epiphany to many is so well explained in a nice Hollywoody movie like Matrix.

Best way to survive is find a nice hollow somewhere in suburbia and a nice hobby like Koi pond or fishing....